Speed Dating Your Yarn with Sloane Rosenthal

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Thursday, August 20th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm 

We're so fortunate as knitters—we live in the golden age of yarn! But how do you tell all these new (or new-to-you) yarns apart? How do you pick the perfect yarn for that project you've had your eye on? What should you think about when you want or need to use a substitute yarn for a pattern? How do you tell if a yarn is right for your project, without breaking that ball band and winding it (and in our COVID-era, how can you figure it out without necessarily being able to touch the yarn?). Learn to answer these questions and build your yarn-and-project matching skills with knitwear designer and Hudson + West Co. co-founder Sloane Rosenthal, who will teach you some of the fundamentals of yarn structure and design to help you pair yarns and projects effectively. Feel free to come to class with questions about a specific project or a yarn you're curious about what to do with, and we'll discuss them as a group.

No homework or supplies.

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