Speed Dating Your Yarn 102 with Sloane Rosenthal

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Tuesday, September 29th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm 

You've learned how the fundamentals of a yarn's fiber content, structure, spin techniques, and other major characteristics affect its performance in your projects in Sloane's Speed Dating Your Yarn class, now take it to the next level. We'll review and then apply a basic framework for thinking about what's in a yarn, how it was made, and how that translates in the finished object, and use it to learn the nuances of how best to pair yarns and projects. We'll explore some basic rules of thumb about things like color, ply count, and fiber, and what happens when we cast a yarn "against" its type. We'll also discuss breed-specific wools in more detail, and briefly discuss domestic yarn-making. Feel free to bring questions about specific projects or yarns you aren't sure what to do with, and we'll discuss them as a group.

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