Continental Knitting 101 - September 7

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Saturday, September 7th, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Have you always wanted to learn about Continental Knitting or “picking”? It is a more ergonomic way to knit as the movements are small and more efficient than throwing.  Once you learn the knit and purl stitches, you will be able to breeze through seed stitch patterns and ribbing.  If you admire color work, this class will get you ready to use both hands, making fair isle a jot to knit!  In this class we will learn the continental knit and purl stitches and move into knit 1 purl 1 ribbing so you can practice your new skills.  This class is 2 hours to allow you plenty of time to sit and knit so you are comfortable with the picking method.
Skill level:  This class is suitable for the beginner, who know how to knit and purl, to the advanced.
Supplies:  Please bring about 100-120 yards of worsted or DK light colored yarn, the appropriately sized needles, and patience.

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